The Continuum


The Continuum:

05:17:17- Dada is ripping off the scab just to see the oozing meat.

Surrealism is sucking off the scab to see the razor-toothed eel just beneath the skin.

05:20:17- The Fear of Colors. I mix colors directly on the surface, allowing them to play, to express themselves independently. They don't always behave. I am sometimes surprised at the underlying organizing principle of the colors as they form their appearance. There is fear and tension in each composition that ultimately expresses my state of mind. Colors are the agents of tension. The fear is that colors might consume the viewer's senses.

06:02:17-Another phase begins with further reduction in composition and subject, a darker palite, and a more conceptual approach to painting. Previous paintings will be removed from the front page and be replaced with new paintings.